A view from under the A. Murray McKay Bridge

A view from under the A. Murray McKay Bridge

Nobody likes being called names. But anyone who’s moved to the East Coast is probably familiar with the term “come from away.” No matter how long ago that move was, the phrase sticks. To me it implies that I’ll never quite fit in or belong. A friend turned me on to a new phrase that I instantly became a fan of: East Coast By Choice. Thus my blog was born.

Here, I’ll write about life as I know it. That means from the perspective of a thirtysomething, Euro-Asian (not to be mistaken for Eurasian) Canadian who grew up in Toronto and moved of her own free will to Halifax in August of 1999. My interests are mostly in books, food, culture, and travel but I’ll be blogging about pretty much whatever catches my fancy at any particular moment.

First, here’s a recap of why I decided to be East Coast By Choice.

What sold me on Halifax?

The fall, Peggy’s Cove, ducks in the Public Gardens, the smell of salt air on the skin.

What do I miss about Toronto?

Diversity (not just of people but opinions and experiences). The bright lights, big city. Anonymity (you seriously can’t go anywhere in Halifax without bumping into at least one person that you know).

Why I continue to stay?

Friends, family, pace of life.

The Best of Halifax

Restaurants: Seven Wine Bar, Mosaic Social Dining, Opa Greek Taverna, Chabaa Thai Restaurant, The Old Triangle, and the list goes on.

Trails: Shubie and Point Pleasant Parks (especially for dog walks)

Day trips: Annapolis Valley, South Shore

Fresh produce: Farmer’s Market, Pete’s Frootique, any number of Select Nova Scotia producers/vendors

Worst of Halifax

Public transit: sometimes buses just don’t show up, or are late, or are early but move on anyway, and don’t even get me started on things like routing and schedules.

Youth crime: like most urban centres it’s a problem but either it’s on the rise in Halifax or it’s being reported about more frequently; in either case, something needs to be done to set these kids back on the right course in society.

City council: citizens are so disgruntled that the last electoral voter turnout was a mere 37 per cent.

Now it’s your turn.

What’s your best and worst list of the city?