Ten years and counting

Ten years and counting

Today marks the 10th year Cokebaby and I tied the knot on a sandy beach in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Recently when I’ve mentioned the impending date, it’s been greeted with surprise. I’m not sure if it’s because of our age or the length of the marriage.

We’re both still under 35 but we weren’t THAT young when we got married. And the divorce rate in Canada is around 37% which isn’t as bad as some countries where more people are likely to divorce than stay married.

In any case, the conversation usually also turns around to what’s the secret behind staying committed to the relationship. And really, I don’t think I have a magic answer. All I can say is that, like every couple, we’ve had our ups and downs. I think it mostly comes down to: don’t sweat the small stuff because when the big things come along you’ll need the strength to work it out.

To celebrate (or as an excuse to travel) we’ll be taking an anniversary trip at the end of the month to the south of France. That is, if Air Canada doesn’t screw around with us too badly; they just informed us that they’ve redirected our flight through Toronto (instead of direct to London) which means we have to make changes to our connecting flight and add several excruciating hours to our travel time. But that’s for another post. Tonight, it’s dinner at one of our favourite fine dining establishments in the city: Seven Wine Bar.