The view from my front door

The view from my front door

OK, we get it, Mother Nature. Yes, while we’re all busy with our workaday lives, you’re still relevant.

We understood that when you decided to close out 2008 with a big bang. Kudos to you. After all these years, you’ve still got it in you.

But seriously. Don’t you think you’re going overboard? Frankly, you’re coming off a little desperate for attention.

Maybe you’re ticked off because all these scientific types are saying “Global Warming” is behind all this crazy weather we’re having. If it makes you feel any better, there are lots of other people who don’t even believe in climate change.

All I’m saying is that you need to get a grip. People are starting to talk. And no, not all publicity is good publicity. Please don’t think I’m telling you this to hurt your feelings. I’m saying all this as a friend.

Also, you’d better get this out of your system before I head to France in 10 sleeps time. Because if I find out that you’re in cahoots with Air Canada, I swear, I’m breaking up with you, too.