[To me, no fashion & style week would be complete without a post about this next topic. That’s why I was happy to hear from this next blogger. Who hasn’t gone through a phase of style ennui where we stare into the depths of our closets and somehow realize we have “nothing to wear”? So, without further adieu, here’s Austin.]

By Austin Flaherty

Photo credit: natalie's new york from Flickr

Photo credit: natalie's new york from Flickr

I woke up this morning, got ready for the day and looked into my closet for something to wear, something different – maybe a shirt I forgot about or a sweater I got at Christmas; I sadly inspected the contents and nothing caught my eye. The two racks in my closet hold a gamut of black, faded black, dark grey t-shirts, some white collared shirts and several black zip-up and pull-over hoodies. The majority of what I wear is logo free, plain and solid colours. No patterns. The few logoed pieces I own are freebies, work related, or sponsored items I snagged through my paintball team. Nothing eye catching stands out. I decided on a worn pair of jeans and a zip up hoodie and entered my comfort zone.

It’s almost like I’m in a cartoon; I have very similar clothes that I rotate through weekly. My own style has become drab and routine; even I can see it at this point. I look at people’s styles for inspiration, yet I can’t find anything in the mainstream that interests me. On one hand it bothers me since it’s always the same clothes, on the other, I’m content to sit and code or watch a movie in my aging Dalhousie sweater.

Part of the problem is likely that I don’t shop for clothes often. Usually once a year for some new sneakers, maybe for a shirt if I’m going out on occasion, but never on a regular basis that I can say I see ‘new styles’. In fact I’m quite oblivious to style all together, I’m focused on what I “know” at this point and frankly it’s not a whole lot of anything. Shopping is just like going into my closet: I stick to places I know I might find another pair of jeans and cheap t-shirts. I scan the aisles and see nothing. I stumble through racks of clothes and am dismayed that I never find anything I like.

I pick out what I know and take no chances.

So where do I go from here? I’m comfortable with my choice in jeans and hoodies, but obviously I can’t live in them every day (especially in the summer!). Black hoodies and sunshine aren’t exactly a good pairing in my experience. Polo shirts? Button down shirts? SHORTS? I’m scared, but willing to try something different at this point.

I will make a pledge, right here and right now: I promise that I’ll find something to wear tomorrow that isn’t a black hoodie. The jeans might hang around for a bit longer.

Austin Flaherty is a Halifax native, the voice behind Rental Gamer, co-captain of the Tippinators Paintball Team and is currently battling with his lack of style. You can follow him online at Twitter.