Every once in a while, I’ll be asking local bloggers to join me here on East Coast By Choice to talk about all sorts of topics. If you have suggestions for topics or would like to be a guest on this site, please e-mail kimberly.aliasgrace [at] gmail [dot] com or DM me on Twitter @aliasgrace.

January 2009: Open topic

The great battles of snow shoveling in Nova Scotia, by Giles Crouch

Livin’ on the East Coast: finally home, by La Belle Ecrivaine

Choosing Wolfville, by Chris Campbell

ECFL, by Craig Moore

The Right Coast, by Maria McGowan

March 2009: The 902 style files

A Shoe for All Seasons, by Sarah Semark

Joel Kelly’s guide to dressing sensibly in an office environment, by Joel Kelly

Welcome to my ‘hood, by Suzanne Hickey

Confessions of a fashion-inept geek, by Austin Flaherty

Racquel does fashion, by Áine (aka “Racquel Valencia“)