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[This next guest post comes from a local entrepreneur and surfing aficionado. Surfing in Nova Scotia, you might ask? Yeah, that was my first reaction, too. But there are plenty of people who get a kick out of riding the waves in the cold, cold Atlantic Ocean. Don’t believe me? Check out Scotia Surfer or SurfDonkey and see for yourself. Personally, I’d rather be by the beach bonfire, but to each their own, right?]

By Craig Moore

You can call me a hard-core East Coaster by any means. This doesn’t mean I drink tea and love cod but it does mean that I’m so bloody “pure laine” that I don’t even know it. My roots go back several generations on both sides for both my wife and I. We’ve grown up here, educated here, work here, choose to live and bring up our kids here. We’re part of the cult and don’t realize it. Or so it would seem.

I never quite realized what it was like to live and interact here until a dean from one of my universities mentioned off-hand how strange it was to work here. I asked what he meant and he said that when you sit with people from around here the conversation quickly goes to who you know, where “ya from” and who’s “yer fadder” (all said with a rural Cape Breton twang, of course).

peppergrasses from Flickr

Photo credit: peppergrasses from Flickr

Although people don’t speak with the twang (not too much at least), it is the flavour of the interaction. Much of how people operate around here is based on your connection to this place. It’s like a one-degree of separation where Kevin Bacon is replaced with the East Coast. I didn’t realize that I did it until I had heard that comment and now I see that I’m just as bad at it, or rather, just as natural at it.

Now, I don’t know if that makes people around here more honest and respectful of the relationship but it does keep in the forefront that this is a place not to pour gasoline on the bridge. Does it make things more insular?  Probably, but the great thing about here is that one-degree thread doesn’t take long to knit into your own East Coast tea cozy.

Craig Moore is married with three kids. Living in Dartmouth (the good side). Owner of Spider Video.  SMU and NSCAD grad. Creator of SurfDonkey, another East Coast feature BTW. Podcamp Halifax organizing team member. Believer that you can do anything you want from here.

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